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Today’s little ink doodle

Today’s little ink doodle

Clouds over Hadley, Massachusetts

October 2014

Clouds over Hadley, Massachusetts

October 2014

eliseii said:
Question and possible answer to my current struggle: How do you manually focus a self-portrait without anything to focus on? I never know what to do unless I'm sitting directly next to something that'll be on the same plane.

I focus on the ground or if I’m with another person I make them stand in the spot where I’ll be! There’s a lot of running back and forth to check if I’m in focus, but I think that process is kind of fun. Also! My Canon T3i has a flip screen so if I’m close enough I can check right before I take the photo.

PS- I absolutely loved your most recent self portraits with the moon, Elise. I hope to see more from your little bedroom series soon :)

Hi! Your photography is absolutely stunning. I was just wondering -- what's your method for taking self-portraits? And what kind of equipment do you use? Thanks so much!

Tremendous thanks! :)

When it comes to self portraits I typically use manual focus and a self timer (which at times can be inconvenient/time consuming) but I did use a remote for a little while! Oh, and I also have a sturdy tripod that I love. When it comes to self portraits I keep it pretty simple.

Hi there! I was wondering if you have a recommendation as far as a first lens for a dslr. I'm planning on picking up a t3i or t4i but wanted your opinion on what lens might be best. I'm mostly interested in shooting people if that helps (/concerning turn of phrase!). Thanks in advance for any help (I totally understand if you're too busy to answer!) Also: I love your photos so much. :) thank you for sharing them!

The first lens I bought was a 50mm 1.8 and it changed my life, but if you’re willing to spend a little more money I would even go with the 50mm 1.4

I currently have a 28mm and it’s great for portraits :)

And thank you so much!

love your photography! what type of camera do you use? also, what type of editing? i'm looking to buy a vsco pack. do you use any of those? please let me know :)

Thank you :)

For digital I use a Canon T3i and Photoshop CS6. I’ve never used vsco packs but maybe in the future I’ll look into it!

started a new project in class today

started a new project in class today

self portraits, october 2014


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